April Draw Challenge Day 14: Feet

Yeah, didn’t really do the challenge. It made me think of this masked guy, Joseph, who is always barefoot, so I drew him instead. Obviously not finished.


April Draw Challenge Day 9: Zombies

I really don’t care about zombies enough to make much of an effort here.


April Draw Challenge Day 8: Draw a Bird

Trying to catch up with the challenges, so just a sketch.


April Draw Challenge Day 7: Character Expressions

This is going to take a bit of time to finish, so I’ll just post this for now and move on to the next challenge.


April Draw Challenge Day 6: Dynamism and Action

Trying to catch up, so this is quick and sloppy. So here’s my alien, Joshua, punching out a sketchy character.


April Draw Challenge: Day 5, Hands, Hands, Hands

A bit stumped for inspiration I went through my folders and found my piece from last year’s hand challenge. I redid it, just to see if my drawing had improved at all.

(the new one is on the left)


Day One: Introduce yourself

This is late and rather slap-dash, I apologize. Just wanted to hit a few key points about myself, all of which boil down to:

I’m an artist.


What if the Frog Prince stayed a frog?

This question popped into my brain three years ago and was the foundation of this comic. Aren’t enchanted princes interesting until the enchantment breaks? After they’re freed from the spell they become completely dull. So what if the prince stayed enchanted and he and the princess went off on adventures?

Instead of a romance it’s a story about the adventures of two best friends. They live in a colorful fairy tale world that is a mish-mosh of magic and technology. Wizards wear pointy hats and the princess carries a cell phone.

And the frog is named Pretzel.

Day 18: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Here, a fast and lazy superhero on her motorcycle. Good practice, whether I finish it or not.

Day 16: Finish what you started

Finally finished this piece, more or less. Still playing catch up with the challenges.


Just some warm ups

Day 15: Stick Figures

Been under the weather and am now catching up with the challenges. Just some warm up doodles with a mimicking penguin thrown in for good measure.


Here’s a doodle of a girl and her faithful dino taking a nap.

Day 13: Too tired and disheartened to make a proper effort. Have a doodle instead.


The In Joke: Noble Steed

Whenever I have a bad day from now on I’m going to pretend I actually spent the day hanging out with my good buddy, the peppermint-chocolate horse.

By the way, I drink Sprite and he drinks Dr. Pepper.

Day 12: I’m not up to challenges today. Enjoy these doodles.