April 30: The Challenge!

Missed a challenge?

Go back down the list by clicking the #challenge tag and pick out a challenge you missed or feel like doing again. That’s it for this year!

April 29: The Challenge!

Storyboard Thumbnails

This challenge comes about because I do this for a living. You can either invent a bit of story, or find a passage in a book or play, and draw out some thumbnails of a sequence. Keep them loose and fast! The idea is not to have super precise drawings but to do some storytelling with pictures. 

April 28: The Challenge!

Live Action as a cartoon

This one’s for TV or Movie watchers. Take characters from a show or film and design them as cartoon or anime characters. 

April 27: The Challenge!

Design an infomercial gadget

A different take on the tech heavy topic. Create an ingenious or clever or even silly gadget you’d likely be seen sold on an infomercial. Bonus if you include a shot of the incompetent person who desperately needs the gadget because they just got a papercut from their slice of bread.

April 26: The Challenge!

Redo an old drawing

The challenge for today is to take an old drawing of yours and redo it to the top of your current abilities. Just to see how much you’ve improved over the years, and see your progress. 

Make sure you post both drawings, the old and the new, in your submission, if you decide to take on this challenge!

April 25: The Challenge!

Let’s Dance

Today’s challenge is about portraying movement in characters, like you caught someone in mid shot, snapped a photograph at that crucial moment. The character (or characters) is in motion, and I said dance to mean anything from actual dancing to a fistfight to a jump or tumble or something to that effect. Basically, the character’s likely off balance. I want you to think about what’s happened before to cause this motion, and what will happen next, as you draw this challenge. 

If you choose to do it, of course. Mwaha and all that. 

April 24: The Challenge!

Character Expressions

Pick a character: yours, you, any other character, but it has to be the same character for all the expressions. Do headshots of at least three different expressions, or if you have more time, find one of the different expression memes you can dig up on DeviantArt like the following: 




April 23: The Challenge!

Finish an old drawing

I’m sure you’ve got some art that you started a while back and kind of left there, unfinished, unpolished, uncoloured or something. There are times when it’s really enriching to revisit our older art, both for the memories, and for the creativity boost it can give. 

If you can, give us a screenshot/scan of the piece before you add to it, and of course, one after. 

April 22: The Challenge!

Off-hand drawing

The challenge is simple enough: draw something, anything, but using your off hand. If you’re a lefty, use the right hand; righties, use the left. If you’re one of the lucky few who are ambidextrous… I dunno, use your foot or your mouth to draw. 

I like this challenge because it shows, in a way, that drawing is a mental process more than a hand one, and while your off hand is not as practiced as your usual one, your technique should be the same. 

April 21: The Challenge

If I had a super power

What would it be, and what would you do with it? Would you be a costumed vigilante? Would you use your powers for good or for awesome? 

April 20: The Challenge!

Rule 63 aka Gender Bending

Pick an established character or group of characters, and swap out their genders for another one.

April 19: The Challenge!

Nursery Rhymes

Along came a spider that jumped over the pail of water? Or something. Draw a verse from a nursery rhyme.

April 18: The Challenge!


Draw your favourite animal. (Yeah, keeping it simple.)

April 17: The Challenge!

In the style of

Take a character and draw it in the style of a particular artist or TV show of your choice, which has to be different than that of the original character. For example, you could draw Harry Potter as a Looney Tunes character. 

April 16: The Challenge!


Aliens, spaceships, planetary landscapes, robots, weapons, cool gadgets, or whatever else you feel like drawing. The theme is science fiction, so have fun with it!