April 19: The Challenge!

Nursery Rhymes

Along came a spider that jumped over the pail of water? Or something. Draw a verse from a nursery rhyme.

April 18: The Challenge!


Draw your favourite animal. (Yeah, keeping it simple.)

April 17: The Challenge!

In the style of

Take a character and draw it in the style of a particular artist or TV show of your choice, which has to be different than that of the original character. For example, you could draw Harry Potter as a Looney Tunes character. 

April 16: The Challenge!


Aliens, spaceships, planetary landscapes, robots, weapons, cool gadgets, or whatever else you feel like drawing. The theme is science fiction, so have fun with it!

April 15: The Challenge!

If I had a million dollars

Inspired by the song of the same name because I have it on repeat in my brain. What would you buy with that money? Draw it out. 

April 14: The Challenge!

Nature Morte

Observational drawing time! Pick one or a few objects, lay them out, and draw what you see. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like, but try to be faithful in your representation.

April 13: The Challenge!

Once upon a time, Sally found a rock.

So what happened next? Draw what comes to mind after this opening story sentence.

April 12: The Challenge!

Out of their element

The challenge today is to take a character, yours or an established one, and to place them in an entirely different setting from what they usually live in. Like, say, putting Spongebob Squarepants in the Game of Thrones universe, or using your own medieval character in a contemporary setting, typing on a laptop in a coffee shop. 

Have fun!

April 11: The Challenge!


Two great tastes that taste great together! Take material from one setting, combine it with that of another, and present it to us! It’s even more fun if there’s a link between the two, like Xanatos and Demona on the bridge of the Entreprise.

April 10: The Challenge!

High fantasy

Magic, elves, barbarians, dwarven warriors, halfling bards, and everything in between. That’s the theme, so run with it! 

April 9: The Challenge!


Another observational challenge, this time it’s feet! Draw your feet, someone else’s feet, but draw them from life.

April 8: The Challenge!

The Dreaded Background

A lot of character artists have trouble with backgrounds, and many will avoid them if they can. Backgrounds help not only in placing the character in an actual physical space, it also tells the character’s story. 

You can either take a drawing you have of a character on which there is no background and add it, or just create a background piece that could welcome a character. 

April 7: The Challenge!


This neo-Victorian, high technology, steam-powered universe is fraught with amazing possibilities in terms of art and creation. It’s also a bit of a self-serving challenge, because I’m looking for people who would be willing to share some steampunk art to publish in our What The Fur? convention book. If you feel like it, the convention theme is Steampunk Furries!

For more info about the convention, go to whatthefur.ca. The con takes place on May 23-25 in Montreal. 

April 6: The Challenge!


Making it simple for you guys! Do some fanart today!

April 5: The Challenge!

Blind contour

This type of art is observational drawing done in one continuous line while keeping your eye on the subject and not looking at your paper while you draw, not until you stop drawing. You can do a portrait, a still life, focus on a hand or a cat or whatever, just don’t stop looking at the subject until you’re finished.