April Draw Challenge Day 14: Feet

Yeah, didn’t really do the challenge. It made me think of this masked guy, Joseph, who is always barefoot, so I drew him instead. Obviously not finished.

Day 18: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Here, a fast and lazy superhero on her motorcycle. Good practice, whether I finish it or not.



Day 17: Let’s Dance

By pure coincidence this piece matches the theme, since I’ve been working on it for some time. Not quite finished, but it’ll get done eventually.

I love drawing capes and cloaks, since—when I get it right—they’re so dramatic.

Day 16: Finish what you started

Finally finished this piece, more or less. Still playing catch up with the challenges.

Day 8: Draw a Bird

I swear I was gonna draw an actual bird. Then I drew Owl-Dude instead. Then I decided Owl-Dude was a woman, but still called dude.

I don’t know why she’s drinking tea.