Blind contour of one of my dinner guests. OMG. She is prettier than this I swear. 

The lines for this sat in my notebook for a while. Last night I put some markers to it!

(day 3)

Aaaaaahh next week


I’ve been living under a rock of storyboards and conventions and family stuff and what did I notice but a month of April that’s only a week away??

Time to sharpen your pencils, refresh your inks, and calibrate your drawing tablets because it’s soon time for the


If you don’t know what this is yet (thank you for the reblogs, those who do!), let me explain.


You can either submit art and wait for me to approve it, or ask to be invited into the blog to post yourself. Just visit the main page of this tumblr for all the explanations, the menu has what you need.

As for me, I’ll be making a list of daily challenges, which you can choose to follow or not. They’re there for inspiration in case it’s lacking.

Oh, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Link for questions is also on the main page of this tumblr.

April drawing yay!


Okay! Welp I know everyone out there is looking for commissions but I’ll throw my hat into the ring as well.

Firstly my Terms of Service, just in case. If you have any questions or need clarification, poke me.

Secondly, yes I will do 2 or 3 character (no more atm) pics but please contact me for a quote for this, it’ll depend on the complexity of the interaction.

Thirdly, my rating in general is up to PG-13 but if I’m familiar enough with you, I can be convinced to go higher. No fanart porn, sorry guys.

You can ask questions via ask/fan mail but I will want to mostly keep the commission info to my email.

This started as fan art and then it ended up this and agh I have been terrible at drawing lately.

My focus was kind of dead tonight, so here, have a few quick blurgh-quality drawings instead of one good one.

First drawing is yesterday’s - just something I was screwing around with. Second drawing is today’s - wanted to play with a fountain pen I bought this weekend. Sometimes I just like drawing hair.

It’s been fun watching people get into Pottermore and draw themselves as Hogwarts students. I got to join in the beta and hadn’t played in a while, but I’ve been jumping back in on occasion now that it’s open to everybody. Thought I’d try to draw my eleven-year-old self as a student. The wand’s probably way too long. I unfortunately don’t have any eleven-year-olds handy to measure it on.

Two panels of the comic I’ve been working on for school. Will add in more solid background in a bit. Platypus. … Yes.

More homework. Working on drawing the actual pages now. I tend to work on the whole page at once, doing each step in each panel, instead of rendering out one panel after the other.

I guess I ended up following the challenge on accident? Only got done with the skeletal figures today.

Hit myself with a nostalgia bomb earlier and drew a little Rurouni Kenshin fan-art. Guess this is my fan-art weekend or something.

It is Friday, have a Pokemon fan-art. I will draw something halfway decent some day.

More character designs from the same assignment as last night’s monsters, this time a knight and a little girl. That armor probably makes no sense. I drew it in kind of a rush today without doing much referencing, I promise I will do more research before the actual assignment is due. (At least it’s not Red Sonja or boob-plate levels of bad?)

Using some of my homework for today’s sketches. I have to do character designs for a two-page comic, one of which has to be a monster of some sort. The only rule we have is that it has to have a decent amount of fur on it. So here are two designs, a wolfman (well, wolfwoman I guess) and a talking platypus.