Due to some of the things I’ve been seeing online regarding comics, I have a Less Tits ‘n Ass post brewing. Drew the gargoyle roughs last night, and the multiple facial expressions today. These are relevant to said post. 

Which I will write shortly, once I’m done with the art. 

April drawing challenge day 25: dance
I tried to make Sakura looking graceful by giving her a ballet pose :3 
(the pose was not mine btw)

Some people say vampires can teleport as a way of explaining why they always seem to be just around the corner. I prefer the idea and mental image that they just sort of Looney Tunes it.


Day Twenty-Five: Let’s Dance

Used a SenshiStock pose for the reference!


Day 25: let’s dance.
Did a sequence for this in blank figures. Had my old character in mind for this.

April 25: The Challenge!

Let’s Dance

Today’s challenge is about portraying movement in characters, like you caught someone in mid shot, snapped a photograph at that crucial moment. The character (or characters) is in motion, and I said dance to mean anything from actual dancing to a fistfight to a jump or tumble or something to that effect. Basically, the character’s likely off balance. I want you to think about what’s happened before to cause this motion, and what will happen next, as you draw this challenge. 

If you choose to do it, of course. Mwaha and all that. 


I drew Princess Kraehe earlier, it’s only fair to draw the other half, Princess Tutu. Pretty much days 23 and 24.


April 24: character expressions 

Made some expressions of Kenshin. He always looks different when I draw him… 



Day Twenty-Four: Character Expressions

Character meme is on Nancy Lorenz’s deviantart here.