Day 25: Expressions

Day 26: A quick still life of some small dinosaur toys.


April 26: Redo an old drawing 

Not yet finished with this, but here’s a little sneek preview! ;) 


April Drawing Challenge 13 : Once upon a time, Sally found a rock


Day Twenty-Six: Redo an old drawing.

I love this challenge <3 Such an ego boost.

Quick Lupin the Third sketch for a friend who’s working through a c25k running program!


A big WOOHOOHOOOOO for my buddy Tam! Week One conquered! Cue celebratory Lupin the Third and his… personal trainer Corgi? :D


forgot to upload this yesterday :o 

This is the challenge of april 25: let’s dance

I sketched this idea for a badass lady with a spear during a very boring class at school 

April 26: The Challenge!

Redo an old drawing

The challenge for today is to take an old drawing of yours and redo it to the top of your current abilities. Just to see how much you’ve improved over the years, and see your progress. 

Make sure you post both drawings, the old and the new, in your submission, if you decide to take on this challenge!