Day 15: If I had a million dollars…

I would buy a property that had ruins :)

April drawing challenge day 15: if I had won 1 million..
I have absolutely no idea as what I’d do with it.. At least I’d give half of it to my mama, and then think about what I’d do with the rest..


April 15

No challenge today.. But I did fool around with an idea for a tattoo and photoshopped it on my body. 

( sasjebloempje , it’s the Aikita-symbol without the flames! ;) ) 

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Thanks all! 


Day 15: If I had a million dollars…
I’d travel. Pay a few bills off first, but travel with what was left.

April 15: The Challenge!

If I had a million dollars

Inspired by the song of the same name because I have it on repeat in my brain. What would you buy with that money? Draw it out. 


Second Bootylicious Babe! Pear-shaped ladies have really interesting silhouettes to me, and I find that their posing can be really very expressive. 

More or less finished


Day 14:

Hamlet von Pigglesworth (also known in the game’s Japanese version as Count Piglet), master sorcerer and main enemy of Rascal and Rina. User of black magic, he was the one responsible for turning the people of Kemono Town into stone, with Rascal and Rina unaffected by it as they were out of town at the time. He lives in his dark castle in the neighboring kingdom of Butakuni, all but a wasteland filled with monsters.

There is a incomplete story hidden deep within the game’s code that was cut off in the final version. It told that the kingdom of Butakuni was once a blooming kingdom with Hamlet as the Prince and his parents as king and queen of the kingdom. No one knows how or why Hamlet went evil, as the story says that his parents and the kingdom’s townsfolk were very loyal and respectful to him.

April Drawing Challenge - Day 14

Quick sketch of Mother Gothel before going to bed.
I should watch again Rapunzel. I never watched it again since its appearance on screen !

April drawing challenge Day 14: nature morte
A quick composition, but I do like the atmosphere :)


I drew yesterday’s in a hell of a hurry - so much so that I didn’t scan or post it. D’oh.

So here is yesterday and today in one.