Day 20:

So tonight I was in a Google hangout talking about that one OCT on dA I was in 7 years ago. Then I just felt like drawing my OC again. Here was my original ref sheet for the tournament.

This is Fido, he’s a blob thing that can shape-shift into anything. And one of these days I’m going to submit this character into EnterVOID.


April 15, One of the challenges was to draw in the style of someone else, or draw a character in a style they’re not typically drawn in. I drew myself in Futurama/Simpson’s style. :)

April drawing challenge day 20: genderbend
I decided to turn Ayame into a girl ^^
Not that much change in the outfit, only a bit more female shapes ^^

April Drawing Challenge - Day 20

A quick sketch before leaving for the Eastern weekend :)

Looking back to a prompt from two weeks ago for today’s submission. It’s been a hellish month with zero time (or energy) for much of anything that’s not baby or work related. Sorry my April drawings have been so spotty! :\



April Drawing Challenge: Day 6

Lagging behind, since it’s been a very tough month, here’s a stab at another April Drawing Challenge. I’ve had Young Justice playing in the background on netflix while I work, and I’ve really been enjoying the show! So here’s a quick Artemis for the “fanart” challenge, and after my two major projects are out of the way by mid-June, I hope to draw more complete YJ fan arts!

I kinda like how Yori turned out

April Drawing Challenge - Day 19


Day 20: Genderbending

Basically Thackery with longer lashes and boobs.


April 20 Genderbend

So I tried to genderbend my OC’s Daphne and Kenshin for this challenge .. Haha they look so strange xD

April 20: The Challenge!

Rule 63 aka Gender Bending

Pick an established character or group of characters, and swap out their genders for another one.