-Day 27- Expressions of vampire version of Raleigh. 

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April 29: The Challenge!

Storyboard Thumbnails

This challenge comes about because I do this for a living. You can either invent a bit of story, or find a passage in a book or play, and draw out some thumbnails of a sequence. Keep them loose and fast! The idea is not to have super precise drawings but to do some storytelling with pictures. 


Day 28: live action to animation movie or show
Pretend this is an animated hummingbird.


Chop Chop Ninja Challenge! I keep posting things derived from this style, but during a meeting tonight, I started doodling the ACTUAL characters of the show. Then after the meeting was done, I was thinking, “I haven’t drawn for April Drawing yet!” and then realised I was wrong. Wheeee! 

Better get back to thumbnails. 

So normally my satyr boy Hermes has this poof of curls. It’s this unkempt mess of whut. So I drew him with long hair because why not. How do you arms?…

For April 28th, here’s a sketch of one of my great masterpieces, my son Paul, who is celebrating his birthday today. *L* He was watching an overhead TV at a restaurant and didn’t notice me sketching him — normally he hides from me!

April Drawing Challenge - Day 28

I’m sorry, no day 25-26-27, I had a loooong weekend in Paris with friends. No time to draw :(

So here is a baby gargoyles to be forgiven :P


April 28: I wanted to do the challenge so I started this sketch of Arya Stark.. But I was still thinking of my previous drawing that wasn’t finished so I decided to go on with that one ;)


Today’s suggested theme was taking a live-action movie/TV character and making them into a cartoon or anime. I wasn’t sure who to draw up until something from the Underworld soundtrack came up on iTunes - so, Selene! Orrr a terrible attempt at Selene. I tried. Effort counts for something, right?



April 28: The Challenge!

Live Action as a cartoon

This one’s for TV or Movie watchers. Take characters from a show or film and design them as cartoon or anime characters.