Day 7: Steampunk

Made my canvas teeny and fell into a lot of bad habits. Ah well.



April 13: Once upon a time, Sally found a rock … 


Once upon a time, Sally found a Dwayne “the rock" Johnson ;)

*background image source



…nobody ever did find out what happened to Sally…

Day Thirteen: Once upon a time, Sally found a rock. What happened next?

April drawing day 12: the themes are whatever I have the energy or time for after work 

Sigyn the norse goddess of victory and Loki’s wife. I tend to draw her when I have nothing else to come up with. Also I moved away from the fandoms headcanon of Sigyn that shes Khalessi and or other white girl from period piece the fandom loves to cast her in. Sigyn is a war goddess and is also a bombshell who loves to take center stage as an outspoken nymph also she’s not married to Loki or know about him also not a white girl. I have doubts that any goddess who attracted Loki was anything less than the most beautiful woman alive and could anything she wanted.


April 10th prompt was “high fantasy”, a thing with wings is pretty fantasy, right? Close enough…

April 13: The Challenge!

Once upon a time, Sally found a rock.

So what happened next? Draw what comes to mind after this opening story sentence.


Day 12:

A drawing of one of my characters, Gibson.


Sometimes I doodle just to see what comes out. I didn’t plan anything on this picture, just let it guide me where it wanted to go. April Drawing is good to force me to draw even if I don’t feel like it, because at times, interesting stuff happens on the paper. 

April Drawing Challenge - Day 12

Wanted to play with my china ink today. and of course ! Instagram decided to stop working at that precise moment….

April drawing challenge day 12: mixing up!
In our story Aikita, Ayame and his friend Kenshin come from a planet different than our earth. This means technically when Ayame visits earth to find Sakura and Daphne, he is in an unusual place where he doesn’t fit in..
Therefore I imagined him doing something totally crazy by letting him play dj at a party xD

everyone knows demon fighting magicians with spell tomes that devour monsters make for the best DJs


Day 12. Couldn’t think of anything for the theme of ‘out of their element’. Also having a bad drawing stint. Here is what I’m calling an Elisa Maza.


Day Twelve: Out of their element

Wyrmbone’s medieval characters in modern day outfits. Dolf’s monster proportions are super difficult!

Thea’s spoiled brat coat is a really awesome outfit by Sophia Zhang.


Days nine, ten, and eleven.

Day 9: simple poses

Day 10: studies of a bracelet, trying to do more still life drawings.

Day 11: hand studies from Pixelovely, 2 min. each.