April Drawing Challenge - Day 16

April 16th is Centaur Day on Tumblr ! So I joined Centaur Day and April drawing challenge together :)

Inspired by a drawing by Thalia-is-crazy

April Drawing Challenge - Day 15

A little Maleficent. Tried to make her a little bit different… Kinda

Day 10: (free sketch) Cultist

Nom nom nom


Day 9: (free sketch) Monster Scout

Started with hair, and then it went on.


Day 8: Dreaded Background

I pulled out too far maybe. And then a random doodle appeared last minute.


No challenge today.. felt like drawing a design for something I was having in mind for a long time..


Day 16: sci-fi.
Guess to me that meant a bunny with what could be a gun thing if you squint. Hun? Who knew?




Day 16: (didn’t do the sci-fi prompt :P Maybe next year!)

Day 13- Day late of their “Out of their element” challenge. The three main characters for my fantasy webcomic in what would be modern day outfits.

Portfolio- http://www.coffeestainedfingers.com/

Webcomic- http://www.old-bones-comic.com/


Boy, yes I am behind. April 11th, Mash-Up challenge, Frozen and Wicked…we all know the connection there, right? :p

April 16: The Challenge!


Aliens, spaceships, planetary landscapes, robots, weapons, cool gadgets, or whatever else you feel like drawing. The theme is science fiction, so have fun with it!


I’ve been catching up on Namesake tonight and was inspired to doodle a cat…