Day Twenty-Two: Off-hand drawing

The princess could never get warm enough…


April 20th, I’ve been collecting vampire books for quite some time now (since way before that whole Twilight travesty happened…), and my sister recently bought me a very large bag of them from a used book sale. So, I made her this thank you card. :)

April 22: The Challenge!

Off-hand drawing

The challenge is simple enough: draw something, anything, but using your off hand. If you’re a lefty, use the right hand; righties, use the left. If you’re one of the lucky few who are ambidextrous… I dunno, use your foot or your mouth to draw. 

I like this challenge because it shows, in a way, that drawing is a mental process more than a hand one, and while your off hand is not as practiced as your usual one, your technique should be the same. 


April 18th, Decorating an envelope can count as a daily drawing, right? Ha…I smushed the address for confidentiality, etc. 


April 17th, somewhere along the line one of the challenges was the prompt, “Once upon a time Sally found a rock” (or something like that) and then we were supposed to draw what happened next. Well, Sally fell asleep on said rock in my world. :p The lights went out while I was drawing this, so…give me some slack. :p


Just a simple exercise about ground and figure from the book Draw! by Robin Landa.


Chop Chop Avengers in vector progress, so that it looks like the video game and TV show. I have so much to learn about Illustrator but never really spent time learning, so I’m just using that which I do know to do this. 

Also is it already the 22nd? Holy farg time flies. 

For most farmers, they learn to leave the newborn kidlings of satyrs alone. During the lambing season they would sometimes find them curled up among the new lambs of their flocks. However there is always that one dumb shepard boy that will pick them up, their soft bleats would unfortunately attract their parents. Their fathers are none too pleased with anyone touching their children.


april 21: If I had a super power 

I usually have warm hands, but sometimes when I work a long time with a mouse on the computer one hand gets extremely cold and the other one stays warm. That’s why I gave my OC, Daphne when I first started to draw Aikita, the powers of fire and ice on each hand. And because Daphne is based on me I imagine having those super powers if I had some ;) 


Day 21: super power
I’d like wings to fly. They would also appear and disappear as needed.


Day Twenty-One: Gender bend

I’m a day behind on the prompts now :)

Wyrmbone cast genderbent. This was a lot of fun!


Comic roughs. Took something out of the mothballs to work on again. The joke doesn’t come across as a joke anymore, I’m going to redo the text at some point, but this was originally started as an example to demonstrate character acting. 

This counts for the 20th, so there. Sleep now.