My Boys

Favorite animal that I picked are my rats. Dodger and Fagin. Just something simple.


In The Style Of: Chop Chop Avengers. Yesterday’s April Drawing Challenge that I didn’t get a chance to scan.

It’s because I’m working on Chop Chop Ninja (the TV show, not the game) and the style is very amusing to draw. I think I’m going to revisit this sketch later because it’s a fun one. 


Day 18: favorite animal.
FELINES! Wild, domestic, big, small. I love all those fur covered bastards.
My cat allowed me to sketch her, though quickly.

Lilac is late for school

April 18: The Challenge!


Draw your favourite animal. (Yeah, keeping it simple.)


Day 17: In the style of.

And I took the example as inspiration. The Golden Trio in a Looney Toon-esc style.

April drawing challenge day 17: in the style of…
Well here’s a picture of my OC Sakura in the style of Utamaro, one of the great ukiyo-e artists famous for his picture of women
This was really strange to do.. I think Utamaro even never had seen girls with short or semi-long hair, or braids, so that part I had to improvise..


April 17

Going to dinner with some friends in an instant so I’m not going to get further with this :o here’s another WIP!



Day 17

Used the second sketch as a quick colouring experiment!

Day 16- Desert landscape for my webcomic.




April 15th, and…it’s Frozen again. A thank you card for a friend that let me stay with her a couple of weeks ago, even though their house isn’t finished yet. (I made her watch Frozen for the first time, and it was good to see it again post-theater)


April 14th, I don’t even know what this is or what I was trying to do, I just let it go where it wanted. It’s kind of creepy, but I like it.


April 13th, not feeling the challenges right now. So, some slightly more in depth stick figures…