Thank you!

Just a quick note to thanks everyone who participated in the April Drawing challenge of 2014! I’m so happy to have been part of it again, and to see all of what you’ve produced, worked on, and accomplished. Thanks also for kicking my butt into doing it, too. I have discovered several new artists thanks to this challenge and I love to see what they are doing.

And thank you to all the watchers, all the people who added April Drawing in their feed. I hope you guys liked the show, and maybe you’d think about participating too, next year?


Slapped some tones on Vivienne, because that’s all I had time for. I spent all evening on converting a bitmap to vector and I can’t even show it as my April Drawing! 

I did it! I completed April Drawing! This is possibly only my 3rd time in 7 years that I’ve succeeded in drawing every single day stuff that WASN’T work. YES!

ok now bed. 

This for the ‘finish what you start’ challenge — I did the rough sketch for this back in September 2012 when long-time Gargoyles fan ‘Pogo’ became the father of twin girls. *L* I figure I might want to hurry up and finish it because at the rate they’re growing, Miss R and Miss J will be carrying their father around on a stick shortly!

Pogo © Walt Kelly

A mermaid done with Derwent Graphitint pencils on toned Strathmore paper

Okay, so not quite an animation style storyboard but when I’m thinking through a story, I tend to doodle on whatever piece of scrap paper I have at hand and in this case, it was a couple of empty bill envelopes. *L* My liger cat girl Tawnee isn’t looking for love — she figures no guy is ever going to want a seven foot tall girl, curves or not. So she’s a little oblivious to the fact that lately wherever she goes — the park, her favorite coffee shop, the bar she works at — there’s been this hipster cheetah guy hanging around. He’s a nice enough fellow, a little on the skinny side and a bit short for her but she’s totally clueless.


Days 28 and 30, both gesture drawings.

It was almost a perfect month, but grading got me on the 29th. Still, 29 days is pretty good.


Day 30: Make up day, if you missed a challenge or want to redo.

Well, this concluded my April Drawing Challenge spam for this year. Cheers!

April drawing challenge - day 30 Nick Burckhart from tv series Grimm. I love this show

April drawing challenge - day 30
Nick Burckhart from tv series Grimm. I love this show


Oh is it the last day of the challenge already? :o and I wasn’t able to do a challenge.. But I did draw! 

Here’s a glimpse of the life of a drawing teacher in the making. Left are two tests for a class I’m going to give to the 12/13 year olds. And right is a class of sketching I gave today to the adults. At the top is my own drawing and the bottom are the ones of my students. 

Thanks for making april such a fun drawing month aprildrawing. See you next year! 



Day Thirty: Missed Challenge (Finish an old drawing)

I had written “Fail” on the original because I was so disappointed at how it had turned out…so this challenge ended up including a bit of of redrawing as well. But I liked this old drawing enough to want to work on it some more!

Farewell to April Drawing Challenge for this year! Thanks everyone :D


Well this is it, folks. Last for the April Drawing Challenge of 2014… wanted to make it something special, so I did a companion piece to this:

This is the first year I’ve been able to actually FINISH the April Drawing Challenge. I am very pleased.


April 30: The Challenge!

Missed a challenge?

Go back down the list by clicking the #challenge tag and pick out a challenge you missed or feel like doing again. That’s it for this year!